Salzburg — Garden furniture



Because of the dual functionality of the product, as table or bench, you can choose the most practical and enjoyable way of use, depending the available space. In position of table, respectively of bench, Salzburg generates a unit, without no discontinuity of style. This makes Salzburg a leader product.

SALZBURG for children

1. position table: 900 mm x 1120 mm x 550 mm
2. position bench: 900 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm


p 1. position table: 1380 mm x 1480 mm x 770 mm
2. position bench: 1380 mm x 700 mm x 820 mm


1. position table: 1950 mm x 1500 mm x 775 mm
2. position bench: 1950 mm x 725 mm x 915 mm

Finishing with water-based ecological lacquers.
Color: brown, cherry, honey.